Stylish Collectible Figures and Clothing


Fun excitement nostalgia


Haute Hero was founded in 2014 to help people indulge in a fantasy lifestyle inspired by contemporary fashion and street culture. Our premium collectible figures and handmade clothing spark fun, excitement, and nostalgia unlike you’ve ever experienced before.


detailed. handcrafted. collectible.

Yo...I’m oddly obsessed with the guy who makes tiny clothes...I can’t stop scrolling Especially the little sneakers he makes??!
— Jon M Chu, director of Crazy Rich Asians (via twitter)

made in usa


We use only the highest quality materials - including: real leather, cotton, and wool. Detailed construction and scale accurate design will fascinate your imagination!


limited edition 


Haute Hero pieces are artistic investments in quality and reputation. limited runs helps us focus on delivering our best work while making your indulgence a memorable experience. All of our products come with specialized packaging and an official certificate of authenticity!

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