Searching and bidding for rare or exclusive items on the open market is an intensive process. Save yourself time and hassle by commissioning work; you will be assured the desired piece at the highest quality without the headache.


Collecting is a highly personal form of expression. Unlike mass produced items custom work is exclusive to the individual or select few commissioning the work.

Stand out in your doll and figure community when you commission. Become a tastemaker and share your unique collection with like minded people. Tell your story through the compelling pieces you’ve help create.



Haute Hero creates edgy original work influenced by global trends in art and style. While other doll makers focus on reproducing classic clothing; Haute Hero, by contrast, emphasizes innovation over replication.



Products made in New York symbolize authenticity and passion. The artists, visionaries, and craftsmen of New York are the trailblazers that deliver edgy culture shifting work found nowhere else. Furthermore, made in New York is a stance on how community and good business are one in the same. When you buy made in New York you support quality meaningful products and the people who make them.




Haute Hero believes art and technology are two sides of the same coin. Rapid prototyping has been essential to delivering our signature innovative work. We use the latest in design technology from graphics software to 3D printing to help us deliver work that stands on the cutting edge.