Smart Doll is a line of ball jointed dolls (BJD) created by Japanese based blogger Danny Choo. Danny Choo is known for Culture Japan; a lifestyle blog that chronicles Japanese and Anime culture for enthusiasts that live outside the country. The company's mascot, Mirai, is the flag ship doll as well as welcome ambassador to Japan and Malaysia. The fantastic video below, produced by Culture Japan, will give you a better understanding of Smart Doll. 


I met Danny Choo at SMASH 2015, Sydney Manga and Anime Show, just this past August and had the pleasure seeing Smart Doll first hand. At the time he was developing a male version, Eiji Seiun, to add to his growing line and was asking for designers to develop apparel for this new doll. Called the "developer project" these third-party designs would be featured on his website for Smart Doll and Culture Japan fans to see. 

In order to participate you needed to purchase a prototype of the doll (which is why he has no eyes or hair). Although pricey I saw it as an opportunity to expand Haute Hero into Smart Doll and set out to design a look that would to bring out the best in Eiji. The first thing I noticed about Smart Doll was how contemporary it felt. The texture of the materials and shape of the body all spoke to it's modern appeal. Because of this owners frequently take their dolls into bustling metropolitan cities; shooting and sharing pictures on social media. 

Researching other clothing makers (e.g. nine9style) I felt they were lacking originality. Since Smart Doll is from Tokyo I found it fitting to bring an edgy yet clean look to my work. I also wanted the color palette to reflect the Mirai brand which is why I chose navy, orange, white, and grey. After many design variations I finally landed on a 3 piece set; A technical bomber jacket, clean optic white dress shirt, and shrunken fit dress pants. To achieve a clean line on the trousers I had to use an old-school tailoring technique; pressing and stretching the seam line. Something that can only be done on quality wool fabric. 

It had been a long journey from the time I met Danny to the completion of the developer project.  Nearly every day for 14 weeks I set about to being the best developer I could for the Eiji. When I sent the final work to Mirai's Tokyo office I felt a huge sigh of relief and let go of all the personal attachments. It fills me with great joy that I had a part in helping the Smart Doll community grow even if it was a small step forward.

This look is available made to order in the haute hero shop here as well as on the Haute Hero Etsy shop. The figure will be ready for pre-order, Dec. 24th, Christmas Eve on the Smart Doll website. 

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