Hautehero was created on the basis of streetwear inspired design for the 1/6 scale figure. After about 8 weeks of design and development I was able to realize two outfits; the first consisted of a black technical bomber jacket, short sleeve crewneck, technical shorts, and activewear tights. The second look continued the theme with a minimal inspired technical mac coat, knit striped crew neck, and activewear leggings with engineered pattern down the leg. 

In a coincidence; Kanye West was debuting his Addias Yeezy line Season 1 just as I was finishing my collection. When I saw this I couldn't help but notice the similarities. Now this is in no way a knock on either the Yeezy Line nor my own collection; in fact, it is compliment. If you are not familiar with the fashion industry I can explain it this way - designers tend to create similar style products without the intent to copy and because we follow similar inspirational sources a trend is created.  

“Streetwear” is a category that is going to have a real impact on fashion in the coming years and the Yeezy Line is just the beginning. No matter the trend the unique contribution I make to fashion is that my figures will not get locked away in a dusty closet to be forgotten but instead l serve as icons to passionate collectors. 

I always appreciate connecting with passionate collectors and makers. If you have any questions or comments send me a message by clicking the contact button below.