streetwear fashion meets collectible art

Haute Hero was founded in 2014 to create limited edition figures inspired by street fashion, art, and music. We specialize in handcrafted clothing, shoes, and accessories with a focus on design, craftsmanship, and quality. We provide a service that uniquely captures the essence of contemporary style in a way that captivates the imagination of both young and old.

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Does fashion have to be worn on a person to be appreciated? Are clothes only desired if seen in a magazine or on a human model? Why can't our clothing, shoes, and accessories simply be appreciated as art? Questions like these, which are at the heart of Haute Hero, compel us to find the answers through our work. Handcrafted, sustainable, and artisanal our collectible figures are about the captivating power of imagination, joy, and nostalgia. 




To fully realize a Haute Hero piece it takes patience, dedication, skill, and the willingness to go above and beyond. Handmade means each piece will get the attention it deserves and only the highest quality materials, such as genuine leather, are used.

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limited edition

When everyone has it, no one has it. Haute Hero collectable figures are only made on a limited run basis, ensuring quality and collectability over the lifetime of the piece. 


precision crafted

Even though we craft nearly every piece by hand, we cut using laser technology; allowing us to achieve fantastic detail and precision. Because of this, we do not use materials such as vinyl or PU leather due to their unsustainable and environmentally toxic nature.


our clientele / Collaborations


art toy collectors

We serve premium art and figure collectors around the world who appreciate design, craftsmanship, and novelty. Our collectors do more than own and collect our limited edition figures; they understand that each piece helps our local studio grow and create even greater works for them.  Each work purchased helps us prove the world that toy collectors, like yourself, can impact the world of fashion, art, and design.



fashion Brands

Are you a looking to express your fashion or lifestyle brand in a way that launches you ahead of the pack? Do you need a solution that spectacularly tailors to your company's message and values? Haute Hero offers a collaboration experience that will have your customers buzzing. Our work captures the attention of fashion and art enthusiasts of all ages; captivating their hearts and imagination. Find out more by contacting us today.